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Looking for Alaska - John Green 3.5 - don't eat me >___< People told me not to read any more John Green novels if you've read TFIOS because then you'd compare the two and blah, blah, blah. But, I read it and yah, they were right, in a way...I read Looking for Alaska on my ereader and got through it in a fairly slow pace, which says a lot about the experience for me. John Green writes well, there is no doubt about that. His characters are very well developed; Miles, the main character is a slightly awkward and intelligent teenager who befriends individuals that are a little out of his norm. One of those friends is Alaska, a beautiful book loving chic who is almost a bit trashy. She drinks enormously, smokes equally as much and enjoys sex. But this doesn't really say much about her at all. When a major incident occurs, half way through the book, it becomes apparent that you really don't know much about her character. She is a mystery, an enigma, as Miles describes her. This part of the book I appreciated very much. I liked that Green had the ability to tell us all about these characters making you believe you knew them when in actuality you did not. Interesting, huh?The story, however, was long despite its length. It was a little depressing, which I am curious, is that John Green's style? I like the humour that was occasionally thrown in there to ease the dark tones, but it was just so damn depressing! After the major climax happened, I'll be honest, I didn't care to read on. I didn't care to really find out what happened because I really didn't care for Alaska too much. I'm sorry! There were some great moments in this book, especially in the references to "last words" and I like the prank at the end being the almost exact prank John pulled in his youth, but other than that, it just wasn't my cup of tea. And I don't think its because I read TFIOS. I think I would have felt the same way if I didn't read TFIOS but I did, so you might blame it on that. Either way, the book was good, just not great.